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Design Award winners

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Design Award winners Congratulations to InterGraphicDESIGNS!

Rank Entry Author Prize
1 InterGraphicDESIGNS_01 InterGraphicDESIGNS USD $3,000.00 money prize, 1 big elePHPant, 1 lifetime premium subscription
2 Cool Sky Guilherme Heyse Ribas One copy of Expression Web and Expression Blend
3 Verse KZ One book of choice by O'Reilly
4 Clean & Straightforward alecgorge One book of choice by Apress
5 Reverse Insic Designs One book of choice by Manning
6 spread Matthias Wetzel
7 CSS/XHTML Christopher Natan
8 Two Point Oh Donnie
9 Blue Lights ionut george
10 Clean blue sky Rik de Ruiter
11 elePHPant 2.0 Alexander Volkov
12 Harmony Javier Rubacha
13 Theme by Roberto Aleman Roberto Aleman
14 PHP Reloaded Sid
15 Blue Shelf BernTal
15 equix Marcos Sader
15 Colours Please chris pearson
18 Clearity PHPClasses Vincent Fierant
18 Moody Black David Mortell
18 Clean & Clear Miklos Szanyi
18 coffee will scheer
18 kiss Afifi
24 Trincio Elephp Gabriele Motta
24 All over again Jon Gjengset
24 green computing Boissinot Francois
24 Plush Jonjo McKay
24 Snoochi Boochi Andy Ovsishcher
24 ADV PHPC Tomasz Malewski
24 testosios stathis giorgoulis
24 elegant-elephant Daveed
24 smooth Lee Matos
33 Aqua Style Mário Morais
33 Plastic World flamander
33 mike Michael Mkeck







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