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Class:Amazon S3 Stream Wrapper
Description:Stream wrapper to get and send files to Amazon S3

Subject Last update Replies
Example file has syntax errors, http.php file missing?
2011-08-03 14:57 0
Timeout - filesize limit?
Is there a limit to the size you can upload? Times out at 10mb
2009-11-24 07:55 0
allow_url_fopen = Off
allow_url_fopen = Off
2009-04-25 07:25 1
Amazon S3 supports pseudo subdirs
You can have subdirs by using prefix field while listing bucket
2009-04-25 07:21 1
Putting Files...
Putting Files on S3 server....
2008-10-27 03:01 8
Problemas con streaming
No consigo hacer streaming con archivos grandes
2008-07-18 12:43 1
no http.php in class
file(s) missing?
2008-01-16 03:20 2
is_file and file_exists
struggling with is_file and filefunctions and the stream wrapper
2007-10-16 04:06 1
cant use file_get_contents against the S3 stream wrapper
2007-10-14 18:12 1
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