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File: include/simple_test/HELP_MY_TESTS_DONT_WORK_ANYMORE
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Simple Test interface changes ============================= Because the SimpleTest tool set is still evolving it is likely that tests written with earlier versions will fail with the newest ones. The most dramatic changes are in the alpha releases. Here is a list of possible problems and their fixes... No method getRelativeUrls() or getAbsoluteUrls() ------------------------------------------------ These methods were always a bit weird anyway, and the new parsing of the base tag makes them more so. They have been replaced with getUrls() instead. If you want the old functionality then simply chop off the current domain from getUrl(). Method setWildcard() removed in mocks ------------------------------------- Even setWildcard() has been removed in 1.0.1beta now. If you want to test explicitely for a '*' string, then simply pass in new IdenticalExpectation('*') instead. No method _getTest() on mocks ----------------------------- This has finally been removed. It was a pretty esoteric flex point anyway. It was there to allow the mocks to work with other test tools, but no one does this. No method assertError(), assertNoErrors(), swallowErrors() ---------------------------------------------------------- These have been deprecated in 1.0.1beta in favour of expectError() and expectException(). assertNoErrors() is redundant if you use expectError() as failures are now reported immediately. No method TestCase::signal() ---------------------------- This has been deprecated in favour of triggering an error or throwing an exception. Deprecated as of 1.0.1beta. No method TestCase::sendMessage() --------------------------------- This has been deprecated as of 1.0.1beta. Failure to connect now emits failures ------------------------------------- It used to be that you would have to use the getTransferError() call on the web tester to see if there was a socket level error in a fetch. This check is now always carried out by the WebTestCase unless the fetch is prefaced with WebTestCase::ignoreErrors(). The ignore directive only lasts for test case fetching action such as get() and click(). No method SimpleTestOptions::ignore() ------------------------------------- This is deprecated in version 1.0.1beta and has been moved to SimpleTest::ignore() as that is more readable. In addition, parent classes are also ignored automatically. If you are using PHP5 you can skip this directive simply by marking your test case as abstract. No method assertCopy() ---------------------- This is deprecated in 1.0.1 in favour of assertClone(). The assertClone() method is slightly different in that the objects must be identical, but without being a reference. It is thus not a strict inversion of assertReference(). Constructor wildcard override has no effect in mocks ---------------------------------------------------- As of 1.0.1beta this is now set with setWildcard() instead of in the constructor. No methods setStubBaseClass()/getStubBaseClass() ------------------------------------------------ As mocks are now used instead of stubs, these methods stopped working and are now removed as of the 1.0.1beta release. The mock objects may be freely used instead. No method addPartialMockCode() ------------------------------ The ability to insert arbitrary partial mock code has been removed. This was a low value feature causing needless complications. It was removed in the 1.0.1beta release. No method setMockBaseClass() ---------------------------- The ability to change the mock base class has been scheduled for removal and is deprecated since the 1.0.1beta version. This was a rarely used feature except as a workaround for PHP5 limitations. As these limitations are being resolved it's hoped that the bundled mocks can be used directly. No class Stub ------------- Server stubs are deprecated from 1.0.1 as the mocks now have exactly the same interface. Just use mock objects instead. No class SimpleTestOptions -------------------------- This was replced by the shorter SimpleTest in 1.0.1beta1 and is since deprecated. No file simple_test.php ----------------------- This was renamed test_case.php in 1.0.1beta to more accurately reflect it's purpose. This file should never be directly included in test suites though, as it's part of the underlying mechanics and has a tendency to be refactored. No class WantedPatternExpectation --------------------------------- This was deprecated in 1.0.1alpha in favour of the simpler name PatternExpectation. No class NoUnwantedPatternExpectation ------------------------------------- This was deprecated in 1.0.1alpha in favour of the simpler name NoPatternExpectation. No method assertNoUnwantedPattern() ----------------------------------- This has been renamed to assertNoPattern() in 1.0.1alpha and the old form is deprecated. No method assertWantedPattern() ------------------------------- This has been renamed to assertPattern() in 1.0.1alpha and the old form is deprecated. No method assertExpectation() ----------------------------- This was renamed as assert() in 1.0.1alpha and the old form has been deprecated. No class WildcardExpectation ---------------------------- This was a mostly internal class for the mock objects. It was renamed AnythingExpectation to bring it closer to JMock and NMock in version 1.0.1alpha. Missing UnitTestCase::assertErrorPattern() ------------------------------------------ This method is deprecated for version 1.0.1 onwards. This method has been subsumed by assertError() that can now take an expectation. Simply pass a PatternExpectation into assertError() to simulate the old behaviour. No HTML when matching page elements ----------------------------------- This behaviour has been switched to using plain text as if it were seen by the user of the browser. This means that HTML tags are suppressed, entities are converted and whitespace is normalised. This should make it easier to match items in forms. Also images are replaced with their "alt" text so that they can be matched as well. No method SimpleRunner::_getTestCase() -------------------------------------- This was made public as getTestCase() in 1.0RC2. No method restartSession() -------------------------- This was renamed to restart() in the WebTestCase, SimpleBrowser and the underlying SimpleUserAgent in 1.0RC2. Because it was undocumented anyway, no attempt was made at backward compatibility. My custom test case ignored by tally() -------------------------------------- The _assertTrue method has had it's signature changed due to a bug in the PHP 5.0.1 release. You must now use getTest() from within that method to get the test case. Mock compatibility with other unit testers is now deprecated as of 1.0.1alpha as PEAR::PHPUnit2 should soon have mock support of it's own. Broken code extending SimpleRunner ---------------------------------- This was replaced with SimpleScorer so that I could use the runner name in another class. This happened in RC1 development and there is no easy backward compatibility fix. The solution is simply to extend SimpleScorer instead. Missing method getBaseCookieValue() ----------------------------------- This was renamed getCurrentCookieValue() in RC1. Missing files from the SimpleTest suite --------------------------------------- Versions of SimpleTest prior to Beta6 required a SIMPLE_TEST constant to point at the SimpleTest folder location before any of the toolset was loaded. This is no longer documented as it is now unnecessary for later versions. If you are using an earlier version you may need this constant. Consult the documentation that was bundled with the release that you are using or upgrade to Beta6 or later. No method SimpleBrowser::getCurrentUrl() -------------------------------------- This is replaced with the more versatile showRequest() for debugging. It only existed in this context for version Beta5. Later versions will have SimpleBrowser::getHistory() for tracking paths through pages. It is renamed as getUrl() since 1.0RC1. No method Stub::setStubBaseClass() ---------------------------------- This method has finally been removed in 1.0RC1. Use SimpleTestOptions::setStubBaseClass() instead. No class CommandLineReporter ---------------------------- This was renamed to TextReporter in Beta3 and the deprecated version was removed in 1.0RC1. No method requireReturn() ------------------------- This was deprecated in Beta3 and is now removed. No method expectCookie() ------------------------ This method was abruptly removed in Beta4 so as to simplify the internals until another mechanism can replace it. As a workaround it is necessary to assert that the cookie has changed by setting it before the page fetch and then assert the desired value. No method clickSubmitByFormId() ------------------------------- This method had an incorrect name as no button was involved. It was renamed to submitByFormId() in Beta4 and the old version deprecated. Now removed. No method paintStart() or paintEnd() ------------------------------------ You should only get this error if you have subclassed the lower level reporting and test runner machinery. These methods have been broken down into events for test methods, events for test cases and events for group tests. The new methods are... paintStart() --> paintMethodStart(), paintCaseStart(), paintGroupStart() paintEnd() --> paintMethodEnd(), paintCaseEnd(), paintGroupEnd() This change was made in Beta3, ironically to make it easier to subclass the inner machinery. Simply duplicating the code you had in the previous methods should provide a temporary fix. No class TestDisplay -------------------- This has been folded into SimpleReporter in Beta3 and is now deprecated. It was removed in RC1. No method WebTestCase::fetch() ------------------------------ This was renamed get() in Alpha8. It is removed in Beta3. No method submit() ------------------ This has been renamed clickSubmit() in Beta1. The old method was removed in Beta2. No method clearHistory() ------------------------ This method is deprecated in Beta2 and removed in RC1. No method getCallCount() ------------------------ This method has been deprecated since Beta1 and has now been removed. There are now more ways to set expectations on counts and so this method should be unecessery. Removed in RC1. Cannot find file * ------------------ The following public name changes have occoured... simple_html_test.php --> reporter.php simple_mock.php --> mock_objects.php simple_unit.php --> unit_tester.php simple_web.php --> web_tester.php The old names were deprecated in Alpha8 and removed in Beta1. No method attachObserver() -------------------------- Prior to the Alpha8 release the old internal observer pattern was gutted and replaced with a visitor. This is to trade flexibility of test case expansion against the ease of writing user interfaces. Code such as... $test = &new MyTestCase(); $test->attachObserver(new TestHtmlDisplay()); $test->run(); ...should be rewritten as... $test = &new MyTestCase(); $test->run(new HtmlReporter()); If you previously attached multiple observers then the workaround is to run the tests twice, once with each, until they can be combined. For one observer the old method is simulated in Alpha 8, but is removed in Beta1. No class TestHtmlDisplay ------------------------ This class has been renamed to HtmlReporter in Alpha8. It is supported, but deprecated in Beta1 and removed in Beta2. If you have subclassed the display for your own design, then you will have to extend this class (HtmlReporter) instead. If you have accessed the event queue by overriding the notify() method then I am afraid you are in big trouble :(. The reporter is now carried around the test suite by the runner classes and the methods called directly. In the unlikely event that this is a problem and you don't want to upgrade the test tool then simplest is to write your own runner class and invoke the tests with... $test->accept(new MyRunner(new MyReporter())); ...rather than the run method. This should be easier to extend anyway and gives much more control. Even this method is overhauled in Beta3 where the runner class can be set within the test case. Really the best thing to do is to upgrade to this version as whatever you were trying to achieve before should now be very much easier. Missing set options method -------------------------- All test suite options are now in one class called SimpleTestOptions. This means that options are set differently... GroupTest::ignore() --> SimpleTestOptions::ignore() Mock::setMockBaseClass() --> SimpleTestOptions::setMockBaseClass() These changed in Alpha8 and the old versions are now removed in RC1. No method setExpected*() ------------------------ The mock expectations changed their names in Alpha4 and the old names ceased to be supported in Alpha8. The changes are... setExpectedArguments() --> expectArguments() setExpectedArgumentsSequence() --> expectArgumentsAt() setExpectedCallCount() --> expectCallCount() setMaximumCallCount() --> expectMaximumCallCount() The parameters remained the same.