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File: Changelog.txt
Role: Documentation
Content type: text/plain
Description: Documentation
Class: PHP Common Class Library
Set of classes that provides common functionality
Author: By
Last change: v2.1.0
Add delayed file IO class.
Add support for L10N object chaining.
Add number formatter.
Date: 3 years ago
Size: 2,655 bytes


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Common classes package changelog.

The common classes package adopts and adheres to SemVer (Semantic Versioning).
For more information about SemVer, please refer to:

Detailed version release guidelines for the common classes package can be
found at:

=== Changes made since last versioned release ===


=== Version/Release 2.1.0 ===

- [2019.05.29; Maikuolan]: Added some new plural integer rules to the L10N
  class, extending the number of languages it can potentially support.

- [2019.06.27; Maikuolan]: Added a new class to the repository, "Number

- [2019.08.17; Maikuolan]: Added the ability to chain together multiple L10N
  objects via L10N's fallback mechanism.

- [2019.08.23; Maikuolan]: Added a new class to the repository, "Delayed file
  IO class".

Caleb M (Maikuolan),
August 26, 2019.

=== Version/Release 2.0.0 ===

- [2019.05.10; Maikuolan]: Fixed some wrong PHPDoc declarations, slightly
  refactored, and added PHP7-style type hinting and return type declarations
  for all methods across all classes (where relevant). Changed the names of
  some constants to better conform with PSR-1.

- [2019.05.23; Maikuolan]: Completed writing all documentation for all classes
  currently provided by the package.

Caleb M (Maikuolan),
May 29, 2019.

=== Version/Release 1.1.0 ===

- [2019.03.26; Maikuolan]: Added a new class to the repository, "Complex string

- [2019.03.30; peter279k]: Added support for unit testing and added some tests
  for the L10N and YAML classes.

- [2019.04.02; Maikuolan]: Added a new class to the repository, "A simple,
  unified cache handler".

- [2019.04.09; Maikuolan]: Slightly adjusted the file reading part of the cache
  handler to account for some potential edge-case problems on some servers.

- [2019.04.15; Bug-fixes; Maikuolan]: The YAML class sometimes produced
  extraneous whitespace on lines that define arrays when using reconstruct to
  reconstruct YAML data from an array, and sometimes couldn't correctly process
  subarrays inside numeric arrays; Fixed.

- [2019.04.15; Maikuolan]: Added the ability to reconstruct nonprintable binary
  to the YAML class.

- [2019.04.28; Maikuolan]: Added a new class to the repository,

Caleb M (Maikuolan),
April 29, 2019.

=== Version/Release 1.0.0 ===

Caleb M (Maikuolan),
February 28, 2019.
For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.