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Web Site Design AwardWhat is the Web Site Design Award?

The PHP Classes Web Site Design Award goal is to provide a better site design that pleases the majority of the users that are concerned with aesthetics and usability issues.

Over time, several users expressed that, in their opinion, the site design should be improved to look better and be more usable. Some of those users even volunteered to provide alternative presentation designs.

Replacing the site design by another proposed by one of the users would not guarantee that the other users would like it better. At the same time, if only one user had the chance to propose a new design, it would not be fair for all other users that offered to propose an alternative design.

The idea of this award is to allow every user to propose a better design in a democratic manner. This way, every user will have an equal chance to propose a better design that pleases the majority of the users.

How does the award work?

Initially there will be a proposal submission period that will end on December 15. Every user can propose a new design theme.

A design theme consists of HTML template files, CSS files and image files. The site provides a page for submitting a design theme. This page allows you to change the original site files and preview the changes to see how different types of pages will look like with a new design theme proposal.

When the proposal period ends, the election period starts. Every user can vote in just one of the proposed designs, but the vote may be changed while the voting period lasts.

The most voted design will be picked to be used in the site after the election end, which will be on December 31. The winner must get at least 50% of the votes.

If none of the proposals gets 50% of the votes, there will be a second turn with just the two most voted designs. If necessary, the second turn will start January 16 and end on January 31 2010. In that case, the two second turn contestants will be allowed to improve their proposals until January 15.

The author of winning theme will earn prizes provided by the PHP Classes site and the award sponsors.

Sponsors and prizes

The PHP Classes site will provide several prizes to the winner. Runner-ups are also entitled to prizes provided by sponsors. The first runner-up will pick a prize from the list of available prizes. The following runner-ups pick prizes from the remaining until all prizes have been assigned.

The sponsors are responsible for delivering the prizes that they provide directly to the winning authors, except in the case when the author lives in a country to which the sponsor that provides the chosen prize may not export due to local legislation. In that case, the prize will be sent to the PHP Classes site that will ship the prize to the author later.

The current list of sponsors follows. Other sponsors may join later.

Sponsors Prizes
USD $3,000.00 money prize, 1 big elePHPant, 1 lifetime premium subscription
Microsoft One copy of Expression Web and Expression BlendOne copy of Expression Web and Expression Blend
Packt One book of choice by Packt - For the first 5 winnersOne book of choice by Packt
Manning One downloadable e-book of choice by ManningOne downloadable e-book of choice by Manning
Apress One book of choice by ApressOne book of choice by Apress
O'Reilly One downloadable e-book of choice by O'ReillyOne downloadable e-book of choice by O'Reilly
For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.